The Influence of Risk Management on Organizational Efficiency

The Influence of Risk Management on Organizational Efficiency

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  • August 25, 2022
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This work evaluates the importance of risk management on organizational efficiency. An empirical review was carried out. The data was gotten from staff responses from various organizations operating in Nigeria. The study adopted the organizational culture theory, the respondents to the questionnaire were 510 people from the organizations we looked at. SPSS 28.0 was used to perform data analysis techniques such as correlation and regression analysis on the data. Each organization responded to questionnaires using google forms. The questionnaire is designed with 5 Likert scale points. The result of the study shows that risk analysis, evaluation of risk, the threat of risk, and monitoring and review of risk has a statistically significant positive effect on organizational efficiency at a 5% level of significance. However, identification of risk was not statistically significant at a 5% level of significance, hence it does not affect organizational efficiency. The study asserts that banks in Nigeria should monitor their loans and advances and avoid a mismatch between their assets and liabilities to safeguard their banks from failures.

Keywords: Risk Management; Organizational Efficiency; Organizational Growth

Authorship: Egiyi, M. A. PhD and Eze, R. C. | FULL PDF