The Annals of Management Studies (AMS) is an open-access, peer-reviewed research journal. The Annals of Management Studies (AMS) is an academic journal that publishes scientific research studies on management practice and its application in business. Its scope is broad and includes, but not limited to; Economics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, research and business ethics, International relations, Management Principles, Accounting, diplomacy and dispute management, company management, recent inventions in management, company management, financial management, econometrics, product marketing, accounting, operations management, organizational development, international business, corporation administration, environment, risk management, strategic management, organizational behavior, organization development and change, innovation management, Banking and Finance, business strategies, technology management, business policy development, economic analysis, statistics, social and communal management etc. The journals substance and approach are interdisciplinary.


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The AMS accepts submissions from all parts of the world and have a diverse readership. All elements of management, including innovation, information technology, entrepreneurship, strategy and organizations, including all functional areas of business, such as marketing and operations, are included in our coverage. It is freely accessible due to its free internet access and publication. Its quality and innovative contributions in the field of management sciences are ensured by a high-grade Double-Blind Peer review. Each paper that passes the peer review process is made freely available online immediately after publication, is published under a Creative Commons license, and will be maintained online indefinitely.

The Annals of Management Studies (AMS) publishes articles based on theoretical and empirical research; it therefore welcomes theoretical methodology, empirical methodology, manuscript from professionals that will progress social Sciences as well as promote political, social, economics, academical and infrastructural development of Nigeria and Africa in general. literature reviews and case studies – with no preference for one over the other.

Chief Editor
Prof. Sáry Becse |

Chris Osigwe Okhamera
Research Fellow
Department of Information Systems, Dublin Business School, Dublin, Ireland

Impact of Conducive Work Environment on the Performance of Civil Servants – A Case Study of Delta State Ministry of Information Annals of Management pp. 1-8Full PDF

The Influence of Risk Management on Organizational Efficiency Annals of Management Studies pp. 10-15FULL PDF

Top-Level Executives’ Knowledge and Accrual-Based Earnings Management Annals of Management Sciences pp. 1-10Full PDF

The Impact of Leverage on Accrual-Based Earnings Management Annals of Management Studies pp. 1-8Full PDF

Blockchain: A Threat to Modern-Day Auditing Annals of Management Studies pp. 9-16Full PDF

Leadership Supportiveness and Employee Punctuality of the Deposit Money Banks in Enugu State Annals of Management Studies pp. 17-33Full PDF

The Effect of Labour Relations, Trade Unionism and Wages on Employee Work Attitude Annals of Management pp. 1-20Full PDF

An Evaluation of the Concept of Marketing in the Banking Industry in Sweden Annals of Management Studies pp. 1 -17Full PDF

Sustainability in relation to green governance for industries that are likely to pollute the environment Annals of Management Studies pp. 18- 35Full PDF

Impact of Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in China Annals of management Studies pp. 1-22Full PDF

Taxation as a Significant Tool for Economic Development Annals of Management pp. 23-39Full PDF

The integration of banks and cryptocurrency in a demonetized world Annals of Management Studies pp. 1-19Full PDF

Relevance of Inventory Valuation to the Manufacturing Industry Annals of Management Studies pp. 18-36Full PDF

The Impact of Compensation and Reward System on Organizational Performance Annals of Management Studies pp. 1-20Full PDF

An Analysis of Credit Management and Bank Lending Practices in Developed Countries Annals of Management Studies pp. 1-21Full PDF

The Problem of Unemployment and Solving it Through Small and Medium Scale Businesses Annals of Management Studies pp. 1-16Full PDF

The Problem of Unemployment and Solving it Through Small and Medium Scale Businesses Annals of Management Studies pp. 1-16Full PDF

Impact of Resource Management on Organizational Competitiveness Annals of Management Science pp. 1-15Full PDF

Investigating loan defaults and their effects on the profitability of banks in Annals of Management Studies pp. 1-21Full PDF

The Transformation of the banking industry by Information technology (IT) Annals of Management Studies pp. 22-37Full PDF

Analysis of the Contribution of Insurance Companies to the Growth of Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) Annals of Management Studies pp. 38-61Full PDF

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Plagiarism is an Academic Theft. Authors should carefully test their works to make sure it passes a general plagiarism test of at least 75% originality of which the 25% plagiarized content should be quoted statements or References. More so, no part (phrase, paragraph, page) of the submitted manuscript should be source weblinks without proper citation. This will also be considered as plagiarism. Such manuscript will be decided upon by our reviewers whether to reject absolutely or not.
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